Fenner Standard Chain

Fenner Standard chain is a cost effective solution for reliability in everyday applications - easy to fit and replace, robust and long lasting.

• Shot peening of roller and side plates gives increased fatigue resistance

• Ball swaged side plate holes improve finish and combat fatigue failure

• Deep waisted side plates increase effective cross section lowering fatigue

• Case hardened pins extend wear life

• Solid rollers evenly distribute load and increase wear life

• Seam orientated bushes ensure that seams are positioned away from critical bearing areas

preloaded to bed-in all component parts

• Comprehensive range of BS and ANSI chains available

• Stainless steel product available


Fenner V Belts

Built using advanced technology, Fenner® Power Plus achieves economic performance by use of low

elongation polyester cords and abrasion resistant impregnated jacket fabric.

• ‘PB®’ (Precision Build) technology

• Accuracy and stability of length

• ‘One Shot’ tensioning - no matching necessary

• Meets highest industry standards for static conductivity and nonignition properties

• Heat and oil resistant

• ISO & RMA sections


Fenner PowerTwist PLUS Link Belting

The state of the art solution for emergency replacement and fitment into inaccessible locations.

• Made to any length in seconds

• Available in standard and double sections

• Highly resistant to heat, water, oil, chemicals etc

• Use with Fenner® ISO standard Taper LockTM pulleys, optionally with RMA pulleys

• Easy to install, rivet-less construction, no tools necessary

• Standard or optional soft back, for conveying applications


Fenaflex™ Tyre Couplings

Fenaflex™ Tyre Couplings are highly elastic, lubrication-free couplings that tolerate large amounts of

misalignment in all planes as well as offering simple installation and inspection without disrupting

the drive. The Fenaflex™ coupling has excellent shock absorbing properties while reducing vibration

and torsional oscillations.

• Large misalignment capability - 4° angular, up to 6mm parallel and 8mm axial

• Internal load carrying cords are wound in both directions, so there is no problem on reversing drives

• Tyres are available in standard and FRAS (Fire Resistant Anti Static) construction

• Simple visual inspection to aid maintenance

• Taper Lock® and pilot bore flanges

• Lubrication free

• Pump spacer and flywheel fixing variants available


Fenner Jaw Couplings

Fenner Jaw couplings offer a low cost flexible solution for most applications, absorbing incidental

misalignment, shock loads and small amplitude vibrations.

• Ease of alignment

• Fail-safe shaft connection

• Range of element materials available including nitrile, urethane and Hytrel

• Pump spacer variant available

• Quick-fit wrap around element available

• Design powers up to 42.2kW available at 1440rpm

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